ITT Services Information Technology and Telecommunication

IT&T Service iis an Outsourcing Sales Company, which provides complete sales outsourcing solutions to Telcos, IT & Telecom Manufacturers, large enterprise and middle market clients. Recognized for our focus on metrics driven, highly accountable, and effective sales – IT&T has become one of the most respected business process outsourcing companies in Europe.

We sell your products and services in the field, via inside sales, or as enterprise sales reps traveling as needed. We build the programs, recruit the personnel, manage the teams, and close the deals on your "paper" while reporting all the key metrics you'd expect from any high level sales force. We build a sales force for you from the director level down to the actual reps - the entire force dedicated just to you using systems and processes developed by an industry leader in sales.


1. Speed to market;

2. Improved ROI as opposed to building or extending an internal force;

3. Ability to access markets unavailable to client;

4. Improved systems and process to better capture a marketplace;

5. Providing a litmus test to compare internal sales resources

6. Test a new product/service without distracting current in-house sales team